Smart electricity meter with MBUS interface

OData support
Dr. Pilászy György
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

In this thesis the planning and implementation of a smart electricity meter will be presented from scratch to the actual implementation.

In the first chapter some of the market available devices will be introduced. Also the necessary knowledge for measurement will be described.

In the second chapter the elaboration of the system design based on the specification will be presented.

In the third chapter the circuit planning will be demonstrated enumerating the necessary devices for each modules with those alternatives. In this chapter the main parts will be chosen.

In the fourth chapter the planning of the PCBs and the mechanical requirements and parameters of the device will be demonstrated. Assembly drawings and parts lists will be found here.

In the fifth chapter the software and the communication interface will be described. The programming of the applied devices will be discussed here.

In the sixth chapter a short user manual will be presented to help with assembling and using the device.


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