Intelligent power measurment system communications modul development

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Dr. Iváncsy Szabolcs
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

During the first semester I have learned the wireless M-bus standard: its operation and its place in the system of modern meters. I have studied the build-up and the operation of the Prolan ProMTEC devices, and how it fits in the system where it will be used. I have also studied how to make a module in it.

I have searched and learned the usable components and I have chosen which of them will I use and how in the first time and I have also outlined some future options.

In the second semester I have designed the M-bus module for the ProMTEC, I wrote test programs to it and I prepared it for the production. During my work I have learned to use the OrCAD circuit design system, the Keil μVision program development environment and I also got to know the basics of RF technology.

My thesis starts with the general introduction of smart meters and smart metering systems, and then it presents the M-bus standard and compares it to the ZigBee. The next chapter is about the Prolan Smart Energy system, particularly the ProMTEC. The fifth part shows the possible components of the module and the deployment options. The last section is aboust the process of the implementation.


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