Developing a new, modern STAR user interface on Android for application in ICU

OData support
Dr. Szlávecz Ákos
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

It is crucial for patients under treatment in intensive care to keep their blood glucose level within the normoglycemic (4 - 8 mmol/l) range. STAR protocol is based on a clinically validated mathematical model which calculates insulin and nutrition values based on the patient’s current blood glucose. The STAR protocol is implemented as an Android application and applied in ICU-s. This thesis presents the new user interface of the STAR Android application. Fragments replace Activities in the new version towards creating modular layouts. A new, always visible header was implemented to display the most significant information of the currently treated patient. The previous version did not have a menu therefore Google’s native Navigation Drawer was applied which allows users to navigate to any screen with one click. Doctors and nurses can edit the recommended treatments, thus, a new undo/redo screen was added to help users view their changes and correct them if needed. Due to the internal changes in the application it now can auto save the current patient into a file when the application goes to the background. This can prevent data loss based on human error. The user interface was completely redesigned using Google’s popular Material Design, so the nurses will have a modern, intuitive, user-friendly application.


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