Developing an application server for storing, displaying and analysing patient data treated with tight glycaemic control in ICU

OData support
Dr. Szlávecz Ákos
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Stress-induced hyperglycemia is a significant issue in critical care.

High blood glucose can make worse patient's condition resulting in higher mortality rate in ICUs (Intensive Care Units). Thus, proper protocol should be applied in order to get patient's blood glucose into the normoglycaemic range.

The STAR (Stochastic Targeted) protocol is a validated, widely used blood glucose control protocol applied in ICUs. Doctors and nurses use the STAR protocol as an Android application that calculates insulin treatment recommendations. Patient's data can be viewed and processed. In this work I created a server-client application in order to collect and visualize the clinical data of patients treated with the STAR protocol.

I will present how accurate glycemic control (AGC) works, what are the advantages of this IT supported solution, and how important is it? I will present a concrete solution to AGC. I will describe my solution for data collection and the technologies behind it. Finally, I will explain about future development options.


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