Interaction in an Augmented Reality Environment

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Dr. Vajda Ferenc
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Computer graphics, sensors, image processing and display systems are the most rapidly evolving fields of our time. Virtual and augmented reality systems join these areas and take advantage of their rapid development, therefore creating new oportunities for innovative applications to be made. The increasing power and performance of the procession units in computers make it possible to implement technology that seemed impossible before.

In augmented reality applications we take objects from the virtual space and display them in the real enviroment. We try to make these objects behave as if they were part of the real enviroment. My task was to create such an application with the use of augmented reality glasses as visual feedback and display, owned by the 3D&MR university research group. The final goal was to create an application which uses some form of visual marker to allow the user to interract with the virtual space and make three dimensional drawings while using a traditional input device like a mouse cursor.


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