Development of an Intaraction Device for Virtual Systems

OData support
Dr. Vajda Ferenc
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

In this paper I am aiming at designing a measurement unit, which can be used in virtual reality systems tracking objects and so serving as an input device for the whole system.

First of all I am examining and giving an overview of the evolution of virtual reality systems until today, looking into the requirements of an input device made for specially a virtual reality system. Then I will study some kinds of input devices made for these kind of systems one after other. I am also listing the positive and negative properties of these appliances.

In particular I am studying the inertial measurement units and their abilities, and ways for their application. I am also writing down the scheme for a system based on inertial measurement. Giving the system design, the implementation of communication between the hardware, and also the mathematical principles that is used in processing the data. I am also presenting the algorithms that are reading the data, and calculating the orientation and the position.

I am conducting some experiment, to prove if the sensors accurate enough to be useful in such an appliance, I am making measurements regarding the errors, and the accuracy of the given sensors.

At last I am examining the ways to improve the system and to optimize its accuracy and efficiency.


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