A software framework to support interactive and process-driven applications

OData support
Dr. Ráth István Zoltán
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

In my dissertation I’m focusing on generating a user interface for the human interaction based business process that has a significant role in the business process oriented workflows. My main aim is to provide advanced human interaction support for the Sensoria Service Development Environment’s (SDE) service-oriented, tool integrated framework. The dissertation consists of two individual parts. First, I created two interrelated XML-based UI definition languages. I defined a sophisticated interactive UI definition language that supports the process oriented UI design in a domain specific way. I also created a general form definition language that reflects the usual user interface method. I completed the transformation with the API calls of the DOM parser. The final UI generator application was integrated as a complete tool into the SDE framework. Secondly, I established a process oriented invoice management business application, where some elements of the user interface were implemented by the UI generator. The basis of the business logic is the utilisation of the Java built-in object-relational API, the Java Persistence API. The process engine, which is the foundation of the application, uses the JBoss JBPM framework with the web console providing support for monitoring a new invoice creating procedure. It can be concluded that the five individual and loosely coupled modules (transformation layer, UI layer, SDE integration layer, database layer, business logic layer) complement the initial aim as a whole system. When creating the modules, I paid significant attention to ensure their reusability.


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