Interactive data visualization in CRM environment

OData support
Balássy György Miklós
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Developing for small and middle sized businesses always raises compromises when dealing with software usability and user performance optimization. The average attitude towards customized software is to be cheap and be functional. If the customer wants to cut something, it will be definitely the usability testing. Therefore these kind of business software is mostly lacking of unique solutions even if the well supported solutions are far from effective when it comes to data representation and manipulation in the same time. My thesis deals with an alternative reusable solution for visualizing data in context while supporting data manipulation in the same time. I explore some already existing solutions regarding data manipulation and visualization techniques. I show how the specification of my work has been iterated over the development period while introducing the Smartfront framework’s solutions and architecture, the technologies used in it and how my part integrates with the already existing system. I mention my decisions and the reasons behind them. At the end I present a case study how the control developed by me has been used in solving a real-life application.


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