Development and integration of an interactive game into an online social network

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Dr. Gulyás András
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Online multiplayer games have been being more and more popular recently, so the demand for the new applications among the users is permanently growing. Developers prefer community portals in many aspects since it is possible to supply them with diverse of different community functions into a game integrated to a community portal improving the joy of the game and it makes it to be a social experience.

In my thesis I have developed a similar game, the original version of this board game is played by dice. It is a kind of gamble, the target in this game to predict more precisely than the other players how much numbers of dices are used in the game.

This application is differ from other games because it is a massive multiplayer game that is not typical at other games are running from a browser.

I present the web developer techniques in the documentation Adobe Flex technology, Actionscript programming language, PHP, MySQL, Facebook GRAPH API, CSS, XML. The base of the game is Adobe Flex technology, that is the software development kit of Adobe Flesh Platform, is suitable for working with previously done objects speeeding up the process of the developement. The transport of the data server-client and client-client is solved by server sided programming and database queries. Facebook GRAPH API is responsible for the integration of the social network.

I introduce the steps of the developement in details in my thesis and I present the problems of the application and how to solve these problems.

In the last chapter I test the application with some people and present the possible developing directions.


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