Design of an interactive and configurable dashboard framework

OData support
Dr. Kovács Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

During the Thesis and the previous project subjects (Project laboratory 1-2) I designed and build up an application, which the user can use to visualize its data on dashboards with charts. There is possiblity for the user to use more type of database as a data source, like Microsoft SQL Server or PostgreSQL. These are the two supported databases, but with my solution there is a possiblity to easily develop my application and add support for other types of databases.

The user can use basic charts like pie, line, bar, candle charts and also there is a possibility to visualize geo spatial data with geo chart. In the geo chart the user can drill-down in the data and use a time dimension as a filter component. The first drill-down function is implemented with mouse event zooming in and out and the second one is with using an HTML slider component. The user can also use its created dashboards in presentation mode, because it's implemented in the application to be able to use fullscreen mode with one click.


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