Development of an interactive lecture supporting framework

OData support
Dr. Forstner Bertalan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In recent years portable electronic devices have become more and more widespread, and are accessible for any age group. These devices can be used for multiple purposes. One of these is education. Educational institutions are becoming more and more open to new technologies. Although devices are available in all institutions there are few applications to support education.

My purpose has been to create an application which supports teaching. This thesis presents the development of an application which helps lecturers by making their lectures more interesting and by receiving feedback from students.

My application consists of two parts. One part is a web application, which has been made primarily for lecturers. It includes administrative tools for subjects and lessons and it is also home to the unique presentation system, which is used to control students’ devices.

The other part of the application is a mobile client, which enables students to interact with the lecturer and the lecturer controls the presentation by it.

The web application uses an SQL Server database based on Microsoft technologies, and an ASP:NET MVC application runs over it.

The mobile client has been made for iOS and Android, I have worked on the Android part. Android is currently the most widespread mobile platform, therefore it is crucial for a successful mobile application to support it.


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