Design and development of interactive education system with mobile support

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Of more advanced web and mobile solutions have become part of everyday life. Most of the work process nowadays use a software solution, which simplifies work. It was expected that the training also appear in such solutions.

If we are walk with open eyes and watch the latest news in the field of education, it is clear that in the last few years have grown by leaps and bounds in hardware and software solutions for the education. For a hardware solution is worth mentioning the tablets and advanced digital projectors.

In parallel, several software solutions have been developed that support education, acceleration and even wider availability allows. We observe that, by now several online university teaching center has been established, through which from anywhere, connect to one or more courses through the Internet. Systems such as edX or Courseera. After joining one of the courses the students have the opportunity to watch the uploaded videos lectures or prepare tests, upload homeworks and do exams as well.

Based on the above, I decided to support such a thesis topic of education solutions design and implementation of the goal. In my thesis I present the implemented system and lead the reader through the specification, design and implementation steps. During the presentation I discuss the important steps and interesting challenges, I review their treatment and at the end of the paper I present the completed system and the possible directions for further development.


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