Interactive learning platform in ASP.NET

OData support
Balássy György Miklós
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics


My thesis is about planning and creating an online teaching platform and implementing it as a poem teaching web application. The application was developed in ASP.Net in C# programming language using the MVC framework.

Through my work I was studying several web pages dealing with online teaching and discovering different online teaching methods available. In my thesis I make comparisons among the most appealing teaching methodologies which inspired my work and my designing process.

Designing of the teaching platform and each steps of its process are in the centre of my thesis. While describing my design plans, I focus on the chosen teaching method of omitting words in a text. In the concrete implementation I use this method for teaching poems, so users can learn them by writing in the missing words of the text of a poem they choose to learn. After the learning process has been finished, the application creates the results of how users have succeeded in learning and refreshes their statistical data immediately. Therefore users are motivated in raising their stats by learning more poems.

I have been testing the application with some users who really enjoyed learning poems with it.


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