Interactive map on Silverlight platform

OData support
Balássy György Miklós
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

To outdoor navigation we have refined solutions at disposition. Just think about the navigation systems in cars or the satellite captured images of Earth viewing in a web browser. But if we get into a situation where indoor navigation is involved, in most of the cases there is no appropriate tool to help us. There are several solutions for indoor navigation indeed but these are not commonly known or they are not refined yet. A standard is absent. Nowadays, the development of indoor navigation systems is very up-to-date; at my thesis I get involved in this topic.

We meet indoor navigation systems mainly at shopping centers in the form of large touchscreen terminals. The disadvantage of these is that they are fixed in location and time: we can use them only at a specific time and in a specific position. These maps are all interactive in the sense that they give some help on locating a room or an area of a building.

In my thesis, besides the examination of indoor navigation systems I worked out a client oriented solution for an interactive map. Client orientation means that the application runs in the form of Silverlight browser plugin. With this approach we can access the required information from our personal computer or from our notebook.

In this paper I review the applications for indoor navigation, as well as their functions and I also focus on users’ needs. Based on these, I make a plan of an interactive map application in which I recognize and describe the parts of the application and the relations between them. My designer-made decisions and the main aspects of the implementation process are written down below. At last, I review the development process and the product itself also mentioning the possible improvements of the final product.


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