Interactive city guide system with Android support

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Smartphones and tablet PC-s are increasing there share of the mobile devices. By now, most people use these tools. We take these devices for vacations and trips. In these cases, it would be useful if the device would support some sort of sightseeing function, help to find quickly attractions for tourist and display some information of them.

An application like this would make it easier for tourist if they want to see the sights of a city, or if they want to plan ahead what sights they want to visit, and they can learn other interesting informations about the city.

Nowdays one of the most popular mobile platform is Android. Smartphones and tablets came with Android are available in every price category, from the cheapest devices to the flagship models.

My task was to design and implement an interactive sightseeing system, which main theme was the book: Watzatka Ágnes: Budapesti séták Liszt Ferenccel, and at the same time leave open the possibility for other kind of useage. My system have two main component, a data provider server which built up from a MySQL relational database management server and Java Servlets, on the other hand an Android based mobile client which provide the travel guide. For uploading datas to the data provider I made an administration surface with the useage of JavaServer Pages. We can compose tours easily with this.


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