Performance of interference limited systems

OData support
Dr. Jeney Gábor
Department of Networked Systems and Services

The demand for transferring data faster over mobile networks has highly increased over the years. One way to reach a higher transfer rate is the use of two-tier networks and femtocells inside macrocells. The femtocell is a base station with low range and low output power, which usually can be used in houses and offices as an indoor service to increase the coverage and data transfer rate. To reach higher speed, the data traffic of the femtocell is transmitted with wire technology, which also decreases the data traffic of the macrocell. However, this can cause interference, after installing a certain amount of femtocells the service may go down.

The mobile operators view the data speed and the overall consumption as their main system parameters, which have an essential influence on the quality of the mobile system. This thesis deals with researching the different parameters of the two-tier system with the help of a simulation environment and the methods of system optimization.

Due to the two-tier setup a single user is able to connect to both the macrocell and the femtocell at the same time. With a smart connection strategy the network performance can be improved.


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