Implementation of an interface to IBM Maximo

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

Nowadays an asset mangement system is essentials for enterprises to operate economically and effectively. Using of an asset management system they can improve the utilization and performance of their assets and thereby they also can improve return on investment (ROI). The enterprises use many system at the same time, which supply different functions, but use overlapping datas. These systems are required to be synchronized.

The topic of my thesis is developing an interface to the IBM Maximo Asset Management sytem, which can process and load asset management datas into the Maximo. The interface gets the input datas from an interface table.

First of all, I had to know the IBM Maximo Asset Management system. The knowledge of the system is very important because you can not develop an interface to any system that you do not know how it works. After I got acquainted with the system I planned the necessary process that processes and loads datas into the system in accordance with the Maximo objects. After the planning I picked up the necessary knowledge to develop an interface to the Maximo. I was possession of knowledge to implement and test the created interface with the suitable test datas.


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