Internet of Things - Sensor System

OData support
Raikovich Tamás
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The term, IoT short for Internet of Things is used more and more frequently. It doesn’t have a specific definition, it basically refers to everyday 'things' that can be accessed through the internet. For example, this could be a weather station, a thermostat or an irrigation system. In case of an IoT sensor this means we can view the data measured by the device simply by using the internet. In some cases we can even control IoT devices the same way.

In order for these devices to be accessible this way they require a system to be in place that polls them and stores their data in a database that can be reached using the internet. My thesis was to create an IoT device like this and go through the process of implementing a system capable of servicing it. It consists of the following parts:

• Two IoT devices equipped with various sensors for testing the system.

• IoT Gateway which handles the transfer of the data.

• A PostgreSQL database for storage purposes.

• A web application that serves as the interface for accessing the devices


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