Supporting Internet of Things devices using server-client JavaScript tools

OData support
Dr. Simon Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

I my thesis I create a comprehensive study of internet of things and develop a well usable system to demonstrate how it works.

The main purpose of my project is to show the possible ways to connect microcontroller based embedded systems to the world wide network and present an example of creating one. At the beginning of the development my task was pretty general then during the realization it became more and more specified with all the small details, including the exact working theory.

This thesis expounds the JavaScript-based tools, shows why are they really useful and details its advantages and disadvantages. I drawn up key objectives and at the end of the work I evaluate the results and compare them.

Writing a server-side application with its database, creating a client-side web application, building an Internet of Things hardware, writing a program that simulates an IoT device, then creating a configuration software are all integral parts of the development. At the end of the document I show further development opportunities as well.


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