Developing an Internet radio prototype

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Dr. Balogh Attila
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

My two semester thesis assignment at Conet Ltd. is to develop an internet radio prototype. During the first semester I familiarize myself with audio circuits that are necessary for the development phase, which is followed by their testing. In the second semester I design the prototype that will be an important unit of the building management system, which is being developed by Conet Ltd. I design the device for multiple tasks therefore I expand its functions beyond what is required for the prototype.

Since the design’s key priority is reliability, I also discuss the concept of signal integrity. As a result of the device multi functionality, it needs high speed microprocessor and external DDR RAM memory which is a main part of my thesis. My goal is to create a reliable hardware which is not only suitable for the prototype, but also to test additional functions in the future. Consequently, I design additional peripheries with connectivity.

In addition to creating the necessary schematic, I review the concept of signal integrity. This chapter illustrates the integrity problems encountered during the design process, and offers solutions to these problems. In order to reveal and eliminate most of the signal integrity problems, I perform simulations on the most sensitive parts of the circuit design. Then, I present the relevant parts of the circuit’s layout design and the most frequently used functions of the designer software. After designing the device, I organize the manufacturing and the component placement. Finally, I perform the very first tests on the complete prototype.


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