Interpreter for Higher Order Chemical Language (HOCL)

OData support
Dr. Kondorosi Károly
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The chemical model belongs to the family of nature inspired computational models where both data and procedures are represented as molecules, whereas program execution is an independent and concurrent series of chemical reactions. The Higher Order Chemical Language (HOCL) is a language that realizes the chemical paradigm and so far no interpreter of the full language has been created. The aim of the work presented in this thesis is to elaborate an interpreter in short development cycle that supports the entire language without restrictions. I surveyed existing systems and tried to find ones that are similar in terms of the computational model to the chemical paradigm so that the interpreter can be based on them. The most appropriate for this purpose the production systems were found due to their highly efficient pattern matching and rewrite mechanisms. In the thesis I analyse the gaps in the models that must be considered at designing an HOCL interpreter on top of a production system. I introduce the details of the concept and the implementation. The realised system is tested and evaluated by test examples.


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