Invasive blood pressure and blood flow meter

OData support
Dr. Jobbágy Ákos Andor
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

It is a characteristic feature of our time that the technological solutions develop rapidly. As a result, our technologies are getting better in every aspect. It is true for the surgical instruments, too. The subject of my thesis is an invasive blood pressure- and blood flow apparatus which can help us make an accurate survey on the conditions of the patients’ circulatory system. The completion of the module was inspired by a real market demand.

My task was to write a short medical summary which demonstrates the usefulness of the device and its application domain. I had to examine if there were any other products on the market within this area of interests. It was my responsibility to choose the appropriate components, to put the device into operation in virtue of the specifications and then I had to lay out the module with these components. It was my task to insert and to test the ready-made PCB (Printed Circuit Board). After I was through with these it was my duty to write a programme with which we made it possible to make the necessary tests, and then I had to make some measurements on the device - within the bounds of my possibilities- according to the relevant standards.

Thanks to my task I was able to get an insight into the world of medical science moreover I had a chance to do a complete development task. In addition, during the development of the module I was able to acquire a lot of technical knowledge and I gained a lot of experience through the working process. Over and above I got acquainted with the measurement process according to the major points of the relevant standard.

The module is complete, and a functioning prototype is disposable for us which will be subjugated to a real life hospital test in a little while.


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