Invito mobile client for Android platform

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The mobile phone industry has undergone a huge development in recent years. The competition is continual between manufacturers and mobile operating systems. Numerous applications could be developed for mobile equipments, because only a fraction of the desktop applications have been ported to mobile devices. Based on the market needs, ECM Consulting Ltd. decided to create Invito platform.

Invito is an enterprise ready application. It aims to integrate enterprise information systems into mobile phones. In the first releases we decided to support Enterprise Content Management systems (Documentum, LiveLink, SharePoint), but the technology is independent from the ECM systems, it can be adapted to other applications. Invito's architecture follows client-server model, Invito server is in the middle, it acts as a gateway between clients and related systems. Clients connect directly to Invito server, they doesn't know about the enterprise infrastucture and applications.

The client communicates with the server through network, it forwards user's interaction. The server handles the client's request, connects to enterprise systems, and creates the response. The response is a user interface, which must be displayed by the client. The surface consists of four parts: data, structure, style and images. Data is always dynamic, it is not cached at all. Structure and style are static, they should be retrieved only once. The client must be able to download and upload files to the server.

This work introduces the development of an Invito client for the Android operating system. The client is fully compatible with Invito server, it supports every service of Invito platform.


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