Developing an insulin pump platform

OData support
Dr. Kovács Levente
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Diabetes is the most common disease nowadays. After its discovery many treatments were presented. It has been come clear, that the insulin has affect in blood glucose nagtive feedback. Insulin products were developed and injected into human body in order to stabilize glucose level of the patients having type 1 diabetes. In modern times, technical innovations leaded to improved treatments. Today, aim of the research is to develope medical devices wich are able to dispense the product without tha patient’s interaction. This device is the insulin pump

In my thesis I walked around the diabetes’ theoretical background and explained tha causal relationships. I also descussed the achievements in insulin level controlling.

Commercially available insulin pumps were presented and pointed out their shortcomings. These shortcomings are not too recent ones, there are several efforts to implement a closed loop control. I designed a platform to test the control systems implemented in the Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology of BME.

The hardver was developed for general use because there was an ongoing project which needed this device.


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