IoT based stepper motor control

OData support
Dr. Számel László
Department of Electric Power Engineering

As the beginning of my thesis, I will give a short review of stepper motors, of their types and how they work, and also about stepper motor drivers. Then, I will look around the topic of the Internet of Things, including different definitions, and some examples for this technology from real life. After that, I will compare two Internet protocolls, the WebSocket and the HTTP, as finding the right type of internet communication can be the root of Internet of Things.

After these, I will introduce two experiments. The first one is about building up a system, that operates a stepper motor by notebook keyboard via USB. In this chapter. I will show the system’s components, the realization, where I will also talk about the meaning of the scripts operating in the system. In the second experiment, I will present the building of an Internet of Things based stepper motor driving system. Here, I will give an introduction of the hardware and the software parts, where I will also talk about the scripts.


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