IoT smart home security system

OData support
Dr. Dudás Ákos
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

As time goes by, IoT devices are getting easier to access in any home which have internet connection. Regarding security, not only we can connect our cameras to the internet, but equip them with smart features. For example, if any movement is detected, it can send notifications to our smart phones. After that, the user can check out what is happening at the moment at his/her home.

The prototype system to be implemented contains a Raspberry Pi as the central unit, which a USB camera is connected to. The system should be able to detect movements. The media the camera captures is stored locally and through the cloud.

The main purpose of the application is that the system should detect suspicious events, and send the event to the owner of the device. The system should capture the video or the picture of the camera, if any suspicious event occurs. The live feed is viewable through a mobile client.

The big challenge is that at the moment, there is not really any great framework to start out with, since the IoT technology is quite new. Main challenges include configurability of the system, the communication between the IoT device and the mobile client, and how the IoT device can send its content to the mobile client (NAT problems might occur).


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