Developement of IoT based home automation using ESP8266

OData support
Dr. Györke Péter
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

In the last couple of years, home automation systems appeared in more and more homes. These systems are constatntly evolving, functional and comfort upgrades are coming out year after year. On the other hand, we can see these sytems are still highly expensive, even the cheapest systems are hard to afford for the peoples.

The topic of my thesis is to plan and implement a home automation system, which is much less expensive than the business solutions, and based on preimplemented automation rules by the user, it’s also capable of interfere with its environment.

On the first part of the thesis to get better picture of the expectations and opportunities, i examine some of the busiess and open systems. These chapter also contains the review of the used technologies.

After that, based on the requirements i plan and implement every part of a home automation system: create the implementation of the sensor and actuator functions, and also the website, which is the graphical interface to register the devices to the system and create automation rules.

On the last part of the thesis, based on test results i review the system, and show some of further possibilities to improve the system.


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