IoT-based home thermostat

OData support
Dr. Dudás Ákos
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowdays more and more IoT devices are manufactured to solve various problems. Most of these problems are the collection and processing of sensor data, but among them is the topic of smart thermostats. The thermostat controls the temperature in homes. Controlling the temperature of apartments is not a new idea, but the remote access of them – even though there exists a number of industrial solutions – is not widely spread, which is mostly because of the price of and people’s lack of familiarity with these devices.

In my thesis I show the planning and development of such an IoT based room thermostat on the Raspberry Pi and Amazon Web Services platforms. In the process of making this application I have given a large amount of attention to simplicity of consumption, the remote control with any browser capable device and for the data to arrive at the thermostat safely and surely. Even though I solved the learning process presented in the project description based on a simplified model, the program complies with every other requirement. My solution has a similar functionality to industrial devices. I made it with current, widely used, trustworthy technologies, which I present with detail.

The reader of my thesis can get a glimpse to the world of developing IoT along the presentation of solving a specific problem.


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