IoT application security with Attribute Based Encryption

OData support
Dr. Fehér Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

We produce more and more data with the evolution of technology in today’s accelerated, computerized world. The paper based records are digitized, our photos are in computers and with the increasing usage of the IoT tools we generate even more data to the system.

According to previous storage shemes we stored them in our computers, the companies in their serverpark, because it seemed secure and there were no other solution. With the appearance of cloud-based data storages data left our home, our workplace, which makes people mistrustful.

The Attribute Based Encryption makes possible to control the access to our sensible data with complex access structure by encoding it into the data, who have access to. The cloud server -which these store – is not able to decode the encryption, so it is not needed to trust in it’s privacy.

In my thesis I draw up the theoretical background of this encryption method and I present the application of it through a medical example. The IoT sensor send sensible data, as encryption method I use one type of attribute based encryption, called CP-ABE, which I implemented on a gateway between the sensor and the unreliable server. The data is stored in a database from which the user can retrieve them.


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