IoT Platform Development Using a Wi-Fi capable Microcontroller

OData support
Kovács Viktor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays, almost all electronic devices are working with microprocessor control. So it is a legitimate need to link these devices through the Internet (Internet of Things). There are many forms of manifestation from industrial applications through smart cities to home automation. To develop such a system, it is essential to develop a WiFi-based framework that can be easily fitted to sensors and switches.

The aim of the thesis work is to develop such framework using a chosen WiFi microprocessor (ESP8266). The system must be capable of adapting new parts (sensor, intervener ...) with a minimum of subsequent development, to implement communication between the connected devices and provide the user with a surface where he can monitorize or even intervene the system.

The framework consists of three main modules:

• a central control unit (master unit), which is a program running on a .NET based desktop computer in this case

• the microprocessors which the components are connected to

• the web client responsible for displaying where the user can monitor the current processes and will be able to intervene to the operation of the system.


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