Design and implementation of IoT solutions on SAP Hana Cloud Platform

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

With the ever-accelerating development and expansion of networking infrastructure and the array of integrated sensors used in smartphones, it has become possible to gather and process data more widely than before through the communication of devices. The purpose of this master's thesis is to map the capabilities of the IoT module within the SAP Hana Cloud Platform, including the implementation of an Android client and a responsive web-based dashboard.

Initially, by consulting the official documentation of the SAP Hana Cloud Platform and the APIs offered by the IoT module, as well as looking for existing solutions that use this module, I explored the options provided by the module. Next, I've studied the features of the Android framework, current technologies, and best practices for a given problem to design an app for Android. I determined the application's functions and components, and I looked for a reliable and efficient solution for each of the partial problems. Given the popularity of the Android platform, there are a number of libraries for a given task from which I chose the ones to be used. The developed application allows the device to register itself on the Hana Cloud Platform, it allows reading and sending sensor data to the platform and retrieve stored data. In addition, the queried data is displayed on charts and by the contained coordinates it is displayed in a clustered map view. The application allows the user to configure data delivery conditions.

In the implementation of the responsive web dashboard interface, the initial point was to gain knowledge of the SAPUI5 toolset and to build a web application based on it. However, I decided to use the Node-RED technology, which has much more potential upon adding hardware subsequently. The completed Node-RED application allows the user to query the content of the database in Hana Cloud Platform in a tabular format, to catalogue the registered devices and to monitor a selected device.


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