Managing and developing IoT platforms

OData support
Dr. Lengyel László
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

We are living in a phase of informational technology revolution when the quantity of data has started to exponentially surge. A lot of parties in the market try to apply solutions for leveraging this massive amount of data. IoT platforms are one of these solutions trying to utilize data coming from IoT gadgets, quantity of which is measured in billions right now. Connecting these devices into a platform requires thorough design and implementation since there are many challenges. An IoT platform can also be the conductor of exchanging data where there is supply and demand. In this thesis work I aim to demonstrate the complexity of tasks that are related to managing and developing IoT platforms. As an opening I compare several data exchanging solutions (data markets) to get a better picture of the steps that are needed to create data markets. Then I show the implementation of two tasks that are related to managing and developing IoT platforms. The first one is an authentication and authorization solution using LDAP and role-based access control in a distributed Hadoop and microservice based IoT platform. The second one aims to give a solution for transforming heterogenous data pools into a uniform format before ingesting it into a data broker or an IoT platform.


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