IoT System Management and Supervision

OData support
Dr. Farkas Károly
Department of Networked Systems and Services

NETvisor Ltd., an SME in the domain of ICT systems integration in Hungary, is working on a project called SmartPole, which is a modular IoT system built around a lighting pole and composed of sensors and other modules. These devices have various interfaces for management and data retrieval, and this makes difficult to handle them together in one system. In this thesis, the above-mentioned issue is addressed with an application on the smart poles, which keeps track of the connected devices and provides an API for solve this problem. Furthermore, the poles and its components must be secured against malevolent access.

The first part of this paper contains an overview of the Smart Pole project, and there is a description about how the various devices are handled, what parameters of them need to be monitored or set regularly and what functionalities are often used. In this part a new approach is introduced to solve these tasks easier by providing a software with an API, which unites all the functions needed. This software is called the gatewayService. There is also a part about comparing the most widely used messaging and management protocols in IoT environments. Then considerations are introduced, which have been taken before starting to code the gatewayService application. Furthermore, the implemented software’s architecture, and the important components are elaborated. Necessary modifications to the gateway’s operating system are proposed and implemented to protect it against malevolent access and then in the last part is about testing the built solutions.


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