Adapting the Arrowhead framework to IoT systems-related processes

OData support
Dr. Varga Pál
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The Internet of Things, being one of the most popular IT topics of our day, is based ont he idea of the interconnection of many different electronic devices. With this network, devices can communicate with each other. Managing such a complex network have significant challenges.

The Arrowhead Project is the vision of a consortium with the support of the European Union. Its aim is to provide not only technological, but a full framework for cooperation. The Arrowhead Framework is based on a service-based architecture, which I describe at the beginning of my thesis.

After that, I will show the various Systems of the Arrowhead framework. The framework has not provided support for managing service deliveries in cooperating IoT systems as a process so far. There is a need for a scenario description and a new unit for the realization of complex tasks, for example, to control the elements of a production line.

In the third and fourth chapters, I discuss processes, their abstract descriptions, and their requirements.

In the fifth chapter of my thesis, I will demonstrate how I implemented this new system in Java programming language, which is compatible with the framework mentioned above. Furthermore, I will list some possible enhancements to the new system.

At the end of my thesis, I will present the verification and validation methods used during the testing.


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