Security solutions for IoT systems

OData support
Dr. Varga Pál
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The Internet is changing constantly, the direction of development is IoT ("Internet of Things") and Machine-to-Machine communication. This makes it possible for us people and machines to establish relationships with each other at anytime and anywhere. In order to develop the IoT, it is necessary to create the appropriate security measures. In this dissertation I present the diversity of IoT systems according to different allocation considerations, such as the type of cloud service applied, the degree of centralization and the resolution of the most stratified layer model. Then I outline some of the framework for the design of IoT systems. I present expectations, difficulties, challenges and different approaches to the security of IoT systems. After this, I detail problems, threats, and solution options based on the IoT layer model. As part of this study, I demonstrate the Arrowhead Framework and I implement an application example that take the authentication process using a ticketing and certificate-based solution. This way, authentication of the framework in local cloud could become safer. However, in order to be able to be used as a complete solution in the industry, further improvements are still needed.


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