IoT analysis framework for Cat-M1 access technology

OData support
Dr. Varga Pál
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

My aim was to design, create and validate a framework that is capable to resolve the rising questions in terms of planning an Internet of Things system. Through the evolution of mobile networks, I introduced the new emerging demands of the 21st century that the Internet of Things can provide. I implemented the framework with hardware and software to demonstrate the attributes of its components, and its automatic software control. I categorized the elements of the framework according to its tasks which helps to simplify future debugging or modification on the system. Software development was written in Python due to its practical features. I created a sensor based network which puts the collected data into a public online server. The data on this server is displayed and stored in a queryable way.

The framework could also serve as a basis of complex IoT use-cases. It is important therefore to define the limits of the system's operation regarding to the network parameters. In my tesis I analyzed the capabilities of the radio communication of the Cat-M1 network. I created a measurement method which helps to take a picture of the quality of network field strengthness and the conditions of connection. This measurement was carried out within ideal laboratory conditions, which implies that the actual result will probably differ from the expected values - for physical reasons. Due to the limited spread of the techology I could manage the measurement only with this method. After the analysis of the results I came to the conclusion that this method can be used to classify any Cat-M1 based network.


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