Examination of ionosphere antenna

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Dr. Lénárt Ferenc
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

In my thesis I investigate the MTA Research Centre for

Astronomy and Earth Sciences Geodetic and Geophysical Institute's Széchenyi István Geophysical Observatory's Ionosphere probe's delta loop antenna.

They test the properties of the ionosphere with this equipment. They conclude from this measurements to the reflection coefficient, what is used in programs for atmospheric dispersion/reflection calculations. They also use this measurements to investigate the Sun-Earth system. From all around the globe the Ionosphere is investigated.

Because of the not ideal environment of the antenna – soil has some tilt, sorround a forest – it is possible that the characteristics of the antenna differs from the wanted characteristics.

After theoretical summery – which include the introduce of the ionosphere, delta loop antenna, simulation softwate – I introduce the results of the surface measurements.

After this I do simulations with this measurements. After I introduce the result of the simulations I build the miniauture modell of the antenna and measure it. From the simulation and the results of the miniauture modell measurements I make concludes, and it's necessary I try to make suggestions for the change.


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