Safety of an industrial equipment

OData support
Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The safe operation is guaranteed by internationally accepted standards which the machine must fit, even from the very beggining of the designing steps. Naturally you never can trust only the appropriate and precise designing, so before it goes to industrial use, the machine must go through lots of measurements and tests, which are specified by the standards. In this thesis my goal is the verification of the safty of a specific machine by performing measurements and tests, and give an advice to the correction of errors.

First of all I had to study the laws, which describe the requirements. In the European Union the placement of CE-signing is necessary for the examined machine.

For the next step I planned the required measurements according to the technical documentation of the machine including measurement parameters, measuring times and other conditions. After this I evaluated the results and made a documentation of them.

Finally in the end of the thesis I judge the results and give an advice to the manufacturer how to optimize the machine and make it suitable for getting the CE-sign.


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