Development of the HMI module of an industrial centrifuge controller

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Kovács Gábor
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Although most industrial processes are controlled automatically, the possibility of human supervision and occasional manual override, as well as the setup of control parameters, has to be provided. This feature is usually realized by a suitable Human-Machine Interface (HMI), which makes operation of the technology, fault detection and error handling effective and ergonomic.

The Thesis presents the design and development of an HMI for a pharmaceutical centrifugal. The aim of the project was to integrate a Human-Machine Interface to the control system of the centrifugal, operating in hazardous area. The graphical user interface provides a functionally and ergonomically convenient interface to help human operators in the supervision of the technology, and therefore reduces the risk of failures.

At first the pharmaceutical process is presented, focusing on methods to minimize the risk of explosions in hazardous areas. Then the operation of the centrifuge and the control system are detailed, along with the aspects of selecting a suitable hardware for the implementation of the HMI, conforming safety regulations. The Thesis presents the concepts and screen layouts of the user interface and summarizes the most relevant features of the development environment Siemens SIMATIC WinCC Flexible. The development process itself is also presented, followed by the definitions and results of test procedures.


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