Development of an industrial supporting application for Google Glass

OData support
Dr. Forstner Bertalan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Industry is developing every day, we are building bigger and bigger factories and warehouses but we don’t focus on helping all the people who are working in these facilities. Usually we prefer to control the manufacturing process from a central system, but we forget that information needs to be available everywhere, not just at the controlling room. There are some SCADA systems with mobile clients that resolve this problem, but these are managing the whole system, therefore they are complicated.

In my thesis I will plan and prototype an industrial supporting application in order to show the user relevant and up to date information efficiently, while giving the opportunity to interfere with the system. I chose Google Glass because it can be controlled easily with one hand and the display technology with the prism projects information directly before the user’s eye. Data is supplied through a RESTful webserver which can be integrated into any manufacturing execution system (MES).

A communication cycle is started by scanning a QR code which identifies the product or machine we want to get data about. After decoding, we send the ID to the server. The received data will be presented on a Live Card on the Glass for the user, who can choose between further steps. The operation of the prototype is demonstrated by solving an imagined problem in a brewery.


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