Implementation of communication in industrial kitchen appliance based on CANopen protocol

OData support
Dr. Tóth Csaba
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Nowadays there is a bigger and bigger need to automate our daily tasks. In our everyday life, machines have become essential. One type of these machines is the vending machine. These devices are commonly used in theatres, cinemas, and department stores. Mainly, they provide beverages, packed meals, sweets or toys. There are also more complex vending machines, which can make pancakes, pizza or even t-shirt paintings.

Hunify Laboratories Ltd. working on the Fryworks French fries machine, which was quite popular back to the 80’s. We want to update and rebuild the electronics of the device. The process of frying is a way more complex automation problem than processes in a simple vending machine. The machine has two important units, which controls the process. To achieve proper cooperation we have to implement a form of communication between the two units.

My task is to implement the communication of the fryer based on CANopen protocol. Learning the CANopen protocol, understanding the basics of the machine’s functionality, laying out the machine’s block diagram, and the implementation of CANopen in C language was all part of my thesis.

In my thesis, there are two detailed block diagrams with the explanation about the two units. There is detailed documentation about the structure of device interfaces (object dictionaries) and about CANopen protocol. It also consists the documentation of my customizable software library, which was demonstrated by one of the unit’s device interfaces. At the end of the thesis, there is a documentation about testing.


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