Monitoring of some characteristics of industrial environment using Zigbee network technology

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Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Nowadays it is important to monitor the temperature and humidity during production and storage to ensure the quality of the products. This involves the frequent measurement of these parameters at several locations. Given these constraints a wireless sensor network can be applied as an optimal solution enabling the collection of measurement data on a central computer system for monitoring and controlling purposes.

Gamma digital Ltd. recently developed a Central Monitoring System (CMS). In this system the sensor end devices use a Zigbee network for sending the measurement data to the CMS coordinators which apply an Ethernet network for forwarding this data to the application server and to the database. Client applications connected to the CMS application server can be used for monitoring and plotting this data and even alerts can be managed in this way.

The aim of the thesis to develop a Zigbee sensor end device which is compatible with the current system and can measure temperatures in a wider range compared to the sensor currently in use. In the first part of my thesis I introduce the importance of industrial wireless sensor networks and show the advantages of the Zigbee network compared to other technologies. In addition I also deal with questions related to network topology and redundancy.

In the second part of my thesis I explain the requirements of the sensor: reliability, low power consumption and compatibility with the CMS. Finally I show the operation of the CMS and describe the usage of the client software.


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