Electrical design and reactive power managment of an industrial building

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Dr. Iváncsy Tamás
Department of Electric Power Engineering

During my thesis work I present the planning steps of a complete electric network of a workshop and warehouse building, and I also create the final plans based on current standards and regulations.

In the first chapter I show the building’s structure and I write few words about the main activities of the ordering company. After that I determine the connection power of the building. After knowing the magnitude of the demand, I determine the cross-section area of the power transmission cables, in compliance with the requirements of the standard. In addition, I summarize the basic concepts of surge and lightning protection and fault protection.

I also construct the main cable plan and I design the distribution enclosures by selecting the appropriate installation equipment. I also make a detailed list of materials, which can be used to make a budget.

In addition, I plan the lighting system of the building, first by estimation, then with a software, using different lamps and I compare the results.

The last third of the thesis is about reactive power compensation. I summarize the necessity and the economical reasons of the reactive power compensation. Furthermore, I present the compensation methods and the applicable devices. Moreover, I show the designing of a device and I specify its benefits and results.


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