Electric Safety Inspection of Industrial Plants

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Dr. Szedenik Norbert
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The aim of my thesis was to create an audit system to inspect electrical safety of industrial plants that is applicable in hazardous areas and is in accordance with the regulations, standards and legislation. Based on the experience of the audit we can offer the owners and operators information regarding the safety level of the technologies they use in plants with risk of explosion.

In my work I summarize the necessary steps and methods to perform a complex audit. I specify which documents the audit leader needs to obtain for the inspection, and also which of the technologies operating in the area need special attention. Aside of explosion safety, I would like to highlight two additional fields: lightning protection and electrostatic charging protection. These, being effective ignition sources, are closely related to explosion safety, but they also go beyond this issue and due to their complexity they count as special disciplines, therefore I discussed them in separate sections. I also cover a fourth topic which is seemingly less closely related to safety audits, but in my thesis its relevance is proved. This is energy management, power quality analysis and audit.

Writing my thesis I had assistance from Dr. Norbert Szedenik, Honorary Associate Professor of Budapest University of Technology and Economics, and Árpád Veress, explosion safety expert, managing director of STAHL Hungary Ltd.


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