Automated binary validation of HMI systems

OData support
Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In today’s ever hastening world, automated manufacturing lines are spreading widely due to their reducing effects of accidents and human errors. Thorough testing of these devices with high reliability is crucial. These methods of testing also require automatization because the Programmable Logic Controllers and their display panels can be programmed via designer software which allows many diversified functionalities.

The programs created by the user can be downloaded to the devices as binaries which is the output of the software’s compiler. Progressing demands require the software’s functionalities to be developed further and naturally the compiler has to follow these developments. To match these changes a testing tool was created at evosoft Hungary Kft. which is capable to compare a binary formatted file with a reference file.

This tester application uses different plugins for each separated task and for the different file types during the predefined comparison process. Sometimes this process can take a long time which begs the question if it can be bypassed in some cases where it is not necessary, furthermore at present the framework is not able to execute value based validation on the binaries. Configuring an environment capable of value based validation and skipping the compares results in unique processes which the current state of the tool can’t handle.

The main concern of the thesis is expanding the already existing hardcoded comparing process with handling of uniquely defined processes, possibility to define value based validations of the binaries and the automatization of the expanded process. These new functionalities would help testers and developers to run their old or new, more specific tests easier and faster, with the help of automatization they could run them on several different binaries during testing the result of a new feature.


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