Block-scheme based programming of an industrial robot

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Janka Sándor
Department of Electric Power Engineering

My object was to provide description of the structure and the operation of industrial robots. I co-ordinated the moving of the axes using block diagram based Click & Move software at my disposal PUMA 560 industrial robot.

In the first chapter I giving the definiton of the industrial robot. I will review the possible groupings in the second one. The third and the fourth units are clarifying the electric motors and the electric drives that are used in the industrial robots. I am presenting the digital drive at my disposal robot in the fifth chapter. In the next one I am determining the first spindle’s control parameters of the motor. The seventh section is about to present the construction, operation and the possible uses of the Advanced Motion Controls company’s freeware Click & Move block diagram based software. In the last chapter the chosen coordinated motion is presented. Then the written program is reviewed. And finally, the program is available to test the coordinated moving of the industrial robot.


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