Controlling of an industrial robot with an industrial PC and investigation of the warming servo drives

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Janka Sándor
Department of Electric Power Engineering

My object was to co-ordinate the moving of the axes using block diagram based Click&Move software at my disposal PUMA 560 industrial robot and during the operation to investigate the warming of the servo drives. The industrial computer co-ordinates the robot and the personal computer communicates with the FPGA that collects the thermal values from the sensors.

In the first three chapter the industrial robots and computers are reviewed. The fourth section is to determine the base position of the PUMA 560 industrial robot. I present the measuring system and even its parts and working methods. The functions of the system and the thermal sensors are exhibited. I introduce the modes how the system can handle the measured thermal values. The scale factor is defined and calculated for the sensors. I created two projects for offline and online thermal investigation and two other projects to co-ordinate the PUMA 560 industrial robot. A Human Machine Interface (HMI) is made to follow the warming process and an other one to co-ordinate the PUMA 560 and even change its dynamic parameters. Finally the functions of the systems are tested.


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