Programming of industrial robot arm for precision welding

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Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

This thesis is focused on the utilization of a 3D printer and on the programming of a robot arm to test a special welding operation used for Coriolis flow sensors. The goal was to program the robotic to carry out the specified welding motion automatically and with high precision.

This thesis presents the design and the 3D printing process of a dummy welding head and the required accessories to fix it as an end effector to a robot arm. The automated welding motion is carried out with a Mitsubishi robotic arm (MELFA RV-2F-Q) after suitable programming in its proprietary development environment. Thanks to a simulation module, the welding motion was first tested in a virtual environment. Different feasible options for the welding motion are presented with the associated robot programs based on different criteria such as single welding motion and equipment security.

This work can be applied to not only welding field but also other different fields. It shows that robotics have an infinit of applicability in industrial field.


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