Industrial test equipment programming

OData support
Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

We designed a control station for inspecting certain products at the end of production lines in automobile factories. The products to be inspected are rotary feedthroughs attached to the steering gear. The station checks the torque of the device and the resistance of the wires in it. Most of the tools for building the control station were already given: We were tasked with building it from the parts of an existing but faulty machine. The PLCs, expansion modules, servo and measuring equipment were also already given.

My task in this project was to plan the measurement, design the measuring circuit and attend to all of the programming tasks.

Over the course of this project I learned about the beckhoff PLC, its expansion modules and its development environment, TwinCat 3.

I had to design a user interface for the control station given a list of functions it should provide: The maintenance and parameterization of the machine, handling database queries, displaying errors and logging. I used beckhoff's own software, TwinCat for the design and implementation of this interface too.

During the task I also used keyence cameras to verify that the device works correctly and that the operator's tasks are performed correctly.

The goal of this task was to create a control station ready to be used in a production line. We were succesful in reaching this goal.


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