Microcontroller based process simulator for industrial testbed

OData support
Dr. Holczer Tamás
Department of Networked Systems and Services

In the last few years the importance of the IT security has been always in a first priority position. Although every now and then there are numbers of illegal intrusions and personal data thefts, so we could say that we are always one step behind against the attackers. Sadly the industrial section of the world are in a worse position, because of the fast technical but slow security development. The known methods and devices performed unlike in this envirolment and the intruders started to noticed these loopholes and performed successfull attacks with economical and environmental damage. Finally the experts started to deal with these problems more seriously.

In this thesis I will offer a solution for this problem and demonstrate the situation of these events, where first, I will show the reasons why the industrial sector have no good IT security and illustrate the systems' infrastructures. Later I'll name few well known attacks and summarize the top threaths against the industrial control systems. Furthermore to give some help against these intrusions, different methods and solutions will be given. And because of these works I could manage to build my indepedent project in the right way.

The process simulator, which I designed contains two devices. One computer and one programmable logic controller. My goal was to create an industrial testbed, which could simulate physical processes in real time and to demonstrate errors, like in the real situations. The application is open source and available for everybody. It could be implemented in everywhere because of the lack of big devices and I offer with this paper a great user's guide.


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